Recording sessions are charged £150 per two hour session with discounts available for multiple sessions. Minimum booking time is two hours ( one session ). Please note that all sessions must be paid in advance when you book or over the phone when you book it with the office. 

If you are looking just to record vocals or single instruments feel free to book any available engineer through our online booking system – if you need to record several instruments simultaneously, please give us a ring so we can book the studio that can accommodate the group. 

We offer full music production service.  If you would like fully produced professional sounding songs that match industry standards, give us a ring today or email us with more details and we will get back to you with a quote. Pease give us a ring so we can arrange sessions with the producer that is experienced with your style of music. Discounts are available for EP’s and albums. 

Editing: if you need extra editing done outside the booked recording session it is charged at £75 per hour rate. 

Mixing and mastering is charged £200 per track (two revisions included). Discounts are available for EP’s and albums. 

Additional services – Songwriting, Vocal coaching, instrumental tuition

If you want to discuss your song/lyrics with a professional writer and vocal coach before you go into the studio, we can arrange it with our in house vocal coach. These sessions are one hour long and are charged £60 per hour. To book, click here – all fist lessons are charged half price.  

Please read our cancellation policy and terms and conditions before you book a session.